Zach Wilson's Possible Replacements
By Claire Miles - March 6, 2023

The conflict between Zach Wilson and the New York Jets has reached a boiling point. Wilson has been formally benched for the team’s upcoming game against the Chicago Bears following yet another poor performance against the New England Patriots and postgame remarks that enraged his teammates and coaches. The other two quarterbacks on the roster, Mike White or Joe Flacco, will now take over for Wilson, and there is no turning back. Even though the former No. 2 overall pick is more talented than the alternatives, a quarterback cannot lead the offense if he cannot win over his locker room.

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Because the trade deadline has passed, the Jets currently only have a few options. They’ll want to get to the playoffs so that White and Flacco can try to win games through game management. But the predicament is far from resolved. Robert Saleh has created a strong defense and an effective offense with strong linemen and weapons. If the quarterback situation can be fixed, this squad will be in the running for the playoffs. As we look ahead, let’s analyze the top quarterback prospect for the Jets in 2023.

I’m honored to be a part of the Mike White hive. It’s always fun to support the backup, and in 2021, no other backup in the league racked up 400 yards and nearly six touchdowns against the eventual conference champions. This isn’t because I think he’s that good; it’s just that supporting the backup is always enjoyable. Since Wilson has been sitting on the sidelines for a few weeks, white will get the first shot at starting. It is always simpler and less expensive to choose the in-house alternative, so if he can limit mistakes and complete the simple passes Wilson either couldn’t or wouldn’t make, he’ll have an advantage over any prospective replacement the next season.