Yahoo’s Co-founder Jerry Yang believes golf is about to enter a new age of innovation
By admin - 2019-01-21 01:01:32

Yahoo’s Co-founder Jerry Yang believes golf is about to enter a new age of innovation, and the game’s ruling bodies stand to benefit and also be challenged by the changes.

Giving his keynote speech on Monday at the North American Golf Innovation Symposium, Yang said that the same innovations that are reordering the greater consumer world, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, are coming to golf.

Yang, an internet entrepreneur and who now heads own technology start-up investment firm, highlighted on how golf could be set to see the same kind of technology development that is rapidly enhancing human potential.

“If you look at the categories of things that are coming across our investment activities and how people understand their bodies, every element of that applies to golf,” Yang opined, adding that measuring brain waves, measuring all the body metrics are fascinating.

Yang visualizes a future where laser rangefinder technology is incorporated in sunglasses, and where a golf simulator in a person’s garage “will let you play St. Andrews in a way that really feels like St. Andrews.”

Yang also talked about a future ‘smart ball’ technology that would track every shot, its launch condition, direction, and distance.

The tech entrepreneur also suggested that the kind of ‘haptic suits’ designed to help the lame walk could “be the same suit that can make you become a super person where you can literally swing like Dustin Johnson If you wanted to.”

He, however, said that these innovations would pose challenges for golf’s rule-makers, saying that the people who are upholding the essence of the game whether this helps the game.