Xavier Rhodes Signs With Bills
By Andrew Parker - November 6, 2022

The Cleveland Browns’ loss of corner Xavier Rhodes to the Buffalo Bills is a big blow to the team—not just because it means they’ll have to find a new starting cornerback, but also because they lost a player who was vital to their defense. Rhodes is one of the best young defensive backs in the league, and he struggled last year with injuries and poor performances. That said, he was still one of the best players on that defense, which could be why he’s signing with Buffalo: The Bills are looking for a younger version of Rhodes, who they signed after he was drafted by his hometown team.

Rhodes will now have an opportunity to play alongside another young defensive back: Tremaine Edmunds. The news that Xavier Rhodes will be signing with the Buffalo Bills is something that excites us all. We’re excited for him because he’s an exciting player who can make plays all over the field. This versatility will allow him to thrive in Buffalo’s scheme as they transition into their new defense that incorporates more man coverage than they’ve had in recent years. The Bills have been looking for a cornerback who can shut down one of the best offenses in the NFL. They got their man, and it’s exciting.

Xavier Rhodes is a long, rangy corner with good height and speed, who plays with a nose for the ball. He has good instincts and knows how to use them—he’s always on top of receivers and knows when to jump when to follow, and when to go for the pick. He’s also a very good tackler, which is important because his team plays a lot of zone coverage. With Rhodes patrolling the middle third of the field, opposing quarterbacks will have fewer options when they throw it up there. The Bills are hoping that this will be their year—they’re getting younger at all positions on defense, and they’ve found a way to keep their star players healthy throughout training camp. They’ve got a great shot at making it back into the playoffs this year!