WWE makes history at RoadBlock
By admin - 2016-12-20 03:43:46

WWE will go down as one of the most successful entertainment channels in history. They continue to evolve and keep their fans guessing. It is widely known that the fights are simulated, well at least part of them. But suffice this business has built quite the following.

In the latest paper view, The Company saw the women’s division sown to new heights. Charlotte and Sasha Banks went in a 30 minute Iron match. The winner of the most falls would walk out victorious.

The two women have revolutionized the women’s division, and this match was to push it even forth. They did not disappoint. It was dramatic as it was entertaining. Sasha lost the bout with two seconds on the clock. With an injured knee, she could not survive Sudden Death with Charlotte emerging the victor.

Kevin Owen the Champion reminded everyone that he was not just a loud mouth. For a man his size, he is incredibly agile. Roman Reigns is no small fellow. Many expected him to dominate Owens, but the match was more even matched. Roman lost after Jericho interrupted the match.

“Roman Reigns lost to Kevin Owens by nefarious means at WWE Roadblock. In all likelihood, a rematch will be in order, possibly with a no disqualification stipulation,” said Alfred Konuwa, a contributor at Forbes.

But Jericho’s interruption, saw the reunion of the shield, well part of it. Roman and Seth allied to take down Owens and Jericho. The new feud is set to be quite intense due to the hatred the four men have with each other.