Clemson QB Lawrence: ‘I have the option’ to leave or stay
By admin - 2020-11-20 09:11:48

There’s been a lot of speculation on Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s decision to head to the NFL next year. Here are the highlights:

  • Even though he’s the likely No. 1 pick for next year’s draft, school is still a priority for him.
  • While he said that moving on has been on his mind, he’s still weighing his options as there are a lot of things on the table.
  • Lawrence said that his main focus was to play this college seasons, graduate in December with a marketing degree, and get drafted to the NFL.
  • That’s led to reports that the New York Jets May be the top spot to get Lawrence.
  • Former NFL receiver Roddy White made a snide remark that caused some uproar on social media. He that said if it’s the Jets that claims the top pick for Lawrence, he would go back to school if it was his decision.
  • Other former NFL players, such as Keyshawn Johnson back that same ideal thinking it a bad idea to be drafted straight to the Jets.
  • Right now, Lawrence’s key focus is on the Clemson’s success, but said no matter where he goes, “we’ll work it out.”