Phillies hiring Dombrowski to lead baseball ops
By admin - August 7, 2020

Whether rebuilding or reloading, Dave Dombrowski has been a big success at every major league stop. Here are the highlights:

  • Dombrowski’s next project is turning the Philadelphia Phillies into a winning team.
  • They haven’t had a good record in nine years, so he wants to take the reigns as president to even the playing field.
  • Andy MacPhail, the Phillies’ current president, plans to retire after the 2021 season and is willing to take open the position for a new operations boss.
  • The 64-year-old Dombrowski has a track record of leading teams to the World Series as well as getting some pennants and Series titles under his belt.
  • Since the age of 31, he gained a reputation of being  the youngest baseball manager in history with the Montreal Expos in 1988 at 31 years old. He was able to take them into a strong competitor with his fruitful farm system.
  • Not to mention, he joined the expansion team for the Florida Marlins in 1991, and helped lead them to their 1997 World Series championship team.
  • He has an eye for talent with his experience as president of baseball operations for the Boston Red Sox.
  • With that type of prowess, the Phillies are hoping some good can rub off on the