Will Otto Wallin Become The Next Heavyweight Champion?
By Keith Donnelly - May 17, 2022

Otto Wallin is a Swedish professional boxer who was born on the 21st of November 1990. He became the continental heavyweight champion and in the next year became the European Union heavyweight champion.  But he’s one of the best heavyweight boxers of our time as he was Ranked as one of the tenth best active heavyweights in September of last year. He holds a record of 23- 1, the only person he has ever lost to being Tyson Fury.  He would like to redeem himself from his only loss now by going up against the current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Having lost Tyson in 2019 you could say that this match is a long time coming.  Many fans have been waiting for this but it is still unconfirmed if this will happen at this point. This could be Otto’s last chance at redemption as there has been so much speculation around the two-time champion Tyson Fury’s continuation in the sport. We have heard from Otto’s promoter Dmitriy Salita that the fighter is more than ready for a showdown with the champ but we are still unclear if this will ever happen considering the fate of Tyson’s career is up in the air.

GettyImages/Lars Ronbog/FrontzoneSport

We hope that we will be able to witness these heavyweight titans go up against each other once more. There’s no telling how this matchup will go down. Many fans are sitting in anticipation of what could happen. It is no secret that the loss to Tyson has put a chip on Otto’s shoulder and this last match could prove that he has put in enough work to become the next heavyweight champion. We sit with bated breath awaiting the outcome of this, it does not look like the odds are in his favor, as Tyson seems dead set on her retirement.