Who Was Pete Maravich?
By Alexandra Wade - April 12, 2023

Pete Maravich had some epic moments and significant games throughout his successful collegiate basketball career. In a 106-104 defeat to Alabama at LSU, he recorded a career-high 69 points. Against Tulane, he scored 66. One of the most thrilling athletes in collegiate history was “Pistol Pete,” as he was affectionately known. Maravich scored 58 points in one game versus Georgia for LSU, who won 90-80 overtime. Maravich fired a 35-foot hook shot with seconds left on the clock before leaving the court. As soon as the goal was made, Georgia supporters and cheerleaders began to carry Maravich around the arena.

Getty images/Getty Images Sport Classic/ Ross Lewis/ Contributor

Which team you supported didn’t matter. It was impossible not to root for Maravich while he was on the court. A performer, he was quite the character. Every time, Maravich appeared to be the star. When he played, the SEC’s basketball arenas were packed to capacity, but just half were when he wasn’t playing. It’s safe to say that he was instrumental in increasing interest in SEC basketball. You should see him play if he comes to your town, was one of those sayings. Throughout his three seasons at LSU, Maravich averaged more than 43 points per game. He recorded 44.5 points and 6.2 assists in his final season.

In the last seconds of overtime during Pete’s game against Georgia, LSU enjoyed an eight-point advantage. Maravich was playing out the time while in possession of the ball. He flighted a hook shot about 35 feet out just as the final buzzer hit, and then he began to leave the court. As soon as the ball was in, Georgia’s cheerleaders and supporters rushed to embrace him. Maravich was Atlanta Hawks’ 1970 third-round pick. In his ten NBA seasons, he spent six with the Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans. He averaged 24.2 points throughout his five All-Star seasons. While participating in a pick-up basketball game in 1988, Maravich passed away at 40.