White Sox and Yankees Go Deep Into the 'Field of Dreams'
By admin - August 15, 2021

A classic movie turned into a real game with both the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. The bus that carried the Yanks through the cornfields of Iowa made it a surreal scene that had everyone’s attention. Here are the highlights:

  • The ride to the Field of Dreams site to play the Chicago White Sox was a different scenario. Instead of the Yanks being completely plugged into their headphones or devices, everyone took the time to look at this cornfield scenario and be in awe of the magic that was getting ready to take place. 
  • The three-time All-Star right fielder, Aaron Judge, said that many guys were from different countries and had never seen open fields. He said, “It was pretty cool driving in and seeing everybody in town kind of standing on the side of the roads with signs and cheering us on.”
  • This made-for-TV event was delayed a year due to the pandemic, and it’s actually the first major league baseball event in the state, which is predominantly college and community sports.
  • From Judge launching two long drives into the cornstalks and Tim Anderson hitting the eighth homer of the game, there were some great moments captured. 
  • Also, it had that Hollywood touch with the fireworks exploding as Anderson circled the bases. 
  • It really felt like the movie coming to life with the stadium built from scratch. It held 8,000 people. Even Kevin Costner made an appearance and stole the show with his stroll into the outfield like his character Ray Kinsella in the film. He did this before stopping to watch the real White Sox and Yankees took the field from the corn. 
  • Judge said it’s a dream to play major league baseball, but it was even sweeter because he got to play at the Field of Dreams, like the classic movie. 
  • From the photo ops, Instagram posts, and coverage, it’s made quite a stir. In fact, the next Field of Dreams game will be August 2022.