White says Diaz worth less without McGregor
By admin - 2019-01-31 00:26:58

UFC head, Dana White, said that Nate Diaz has very little value without a fight with Conor McGregor.

Diaz and McGregor fought twice. The first time, Diaz surprised the fight world by defeating the UFC star. The second fight was won by McGregor won in a decision that Diaz has contested, claiming that the UFC influenced to ensure that its cash cow could continue to be profitable. Diaz shared words for White, Tony Ferguson, Conor McGregor and the UFC as a whole during a highly controversial interview on The MMA Hour. Dana White responded to the assertions and allegations placed by Nate and his brother, Nick, as to why they are not being offered fights. According to White, without McGregor, Diaz is not worth much in a pay per view.

“Whatever his deal is, he’s got a pretty good deal. I mean, listen, at the end of the day, what is Diaz worth without Conor McGregor? I don’t know. The kid isn’t in a position for pay-per-view or any of that type of s—t. But this could put him in a position If he fought Tony Ferguson, it would be for the interim title. Obviously, if you held the interim title, you would get a piece of the pay-per-view. Diaz has to put himself in a position to make the pay-per-view money,” responded White. “It doesn’t change my life one way or another. People really like the Diaz brothers. When they get in there, they’re tough and gritty and they mix it up. They’re fun to watch and their interviews are fun, and funny.”