Wenger apologizes for sendoff vs Burnley
By admin - 2017-01-22 20:51:42

Arsene Wenger apologized for being sent off against Burnley on Sunday.

The Arsenal Gunners manager, Wenger was sent off for an outburst during an Arsenal two to one English Premier League match victory over Burnley. Many sports analysts have argued that, during his tantrum, Wenger pushed the fourth official. Wenger was ejected after Burnley was awarded a penalty. The penalty was awarded in extra time, which also angered Wenger. He believed that the fourth official, Anthony Taylor, had done poorly to signal for seven minutes of extra time. As he walked towards the tunnel, Wenger continued to argue with Taylor before seemingly pushing him.

“I regret everything. I should have shut up and gone in and gone home, basically. And I apologize for that,” replied Wenger when asked about his incident at the Emirates Stadium.

Wenger also expressed a desire to apologize personally to Taylor, but has yet to do so at this point. The Arsenal manager may also face sanctions from the English Football Association for making physical contact with an official. Wenger would not talk about the argument that he had with Taylor, but did not seem to believe he should have been sent off for the altercatuib.

“It was nothing bad. I said something that you hear every day in football. But overall, nine times out of 10 you do not get sent to the stands,” said Wenger. “But if I am, I am. And I should have shut up completely.”