Wenger accepts FA ban for shoving referee
By admin - 2017-01-27 08:25:00

During Arsenal, last Soccer game against Burney, everything that could go wrong went wrong for most parts of the match. But in typical Premier League fashion, the game was full of drama.

Arsenal went one up, and many thought it was just a matter of time before they dismembered Burney. But it was not to be with Granat Xhaka getting a straight red for a two-foot tackle. A closer look at the tackle it appeared clumsy, but not dangerous.

It was not a dangerous tackle; it was a clumsy tackle. Unfortunately, we will lose him for four games (through suspension),” Wenger said. With just one goal up the momentum was with Burney, who pinned Arsenal back with waves of attacks.
But at the ninetieth minute, Burney got a penalty that Wenger did not agree with causing him to react to the fourth official and was sent to the stands. But instead, Wenger stood by the tunnel. The Fourth Official asked him to go all through to the dressing room, and at this point, Wenger shoved him in the full view of the cameras.

Arsenal also got a 98th-minute penalty which Sanchez dispatched.

Wenger was summoned by the FA where he was charged with misconduct. He has admitted that he pleaded guilty and is awaiting the reputations.

“Yes, I answered that in the press conference, I have little more to add. I am big enough to stand up for what I do,” Wenger told reporters. “When I don’t behave like I think I should act, I am big enough to say I am not right. I’m a passionate guy, and I believe that I am completely committed to my job and want to win the football games.”