Warriors upset over LeBron James Halloween party
By admin - 2016-11-01 23:36:24

Golden State Warriors players were upset by a “3-1 Lead” inscription at a LeBron James Halloween Party.

The “3-1 Lead” inscription was on a bass drum head on stage at a Halloween party LeBron holds annually. The presumption is that the inscription was an allusion to the three games to one lead the Warriors had over the Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals series. The Cavaliers came back to win three straight games and end a Warriors bid for back to back titles.

Cleveland fans are calling the ire of the Warriors players the perfect revenge. LeBron took Cleveland to the 2015 NBA Finals but they were beaten by the Warriors. The series ended with the Warriors celebrating on the Cleveland court. When the Warriors returned to Cleveland for a 2016 regular season game, Steph Curry remarked that he hoped the Quicken Loans Arena visitors locker room still smelled like champagne.

Cleveland fans are hoping their Cleveland Indians win the 2016 World Series and bring a second title to the city that had the longest championship drought title in major American sports history.

Newly acquired Warriors player, Kevin Durant, said he understood the frustration from Cleveland fans.

“I understand why anybody would [be mad] and I understand what LeBron is coming from,” said Durant. “If you won a championship for your city and you did it in historic fashion, it’s something that you’ll never forget. So, no hard feelings. I understand where both sides are coming from, I guess.”