USA Basketball to Commence for the Olympics
By admin - March 1, 2021

Every week it seems like the Olympics are looking more like a go. People are getting confident with the vaccine roll-out and how it’s bringing cases down. As far as USA basketball is concerned, they’re getting prepped to help make it the best they can. Here are the highlights:

  • Even with a slight coronavirus scare, head coach Gregg Popovich was able to meet a staff call to begin the preparation needed to tackle the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Plans are set in motion to start the training camp around July 1.
  • It’s going to be an interesting situation because some 60 basketball players will be in the pool for it. Around that time, there will still be NBA players in conference finals, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens regarding some of the top slot professional ballplayers. 
  • It’s going to be quite challenging because there are going to be multiple contingencies in place to get things together.
  • The USA basketball coaches have their concerns about the waiting game. How many games are going to be played? When will they be played?
  • Things will have to be in a mini-bubble, so it’s going to be tough to gauge any last-minute issues before July 19th when they’re scheduled to head to Tokyo. 
  • It’ll certainly be down to the wire because The Tokyo Games are scheduled to begin on July 23, which is a day after the NBA says the last scheduled NBA finals date would be in place.