Urijah Faber looks forward to life after UFC
By admin - 2016-12-17 11:36:13

UFC fighter, Urijah Faber, believes he will be busier in his post-fighting career than ever.

“People keep saying retirement — I will not be retired. I will be working harder than ever. It’s hard to focus on all the things I’m focusing on and also prepare yourself for a fist-fight battle, basically a simulation of death battle, is kind of the way I approach it,” said Faber during an interview on the Fight Society podcast. “So I’m excited about the next phases.”

Faber likened his post-fighting career to that of the post-skateboarding career of Rob Dyrdek. Dyrdek became a highly successful entrepreneur who started skateboard accessory companies, clothing lines and entertainment products among other business ventures.

“Look at a guy like Rob Dyrdek. Rob Dyrdek was a high level X-games skateboarder, but he really made an impact after his career. There’s a lot of guys that are like that. I kind of envision something like that myself,” said Faber. “I am working on a couple of entertainment things. One is a TV show and we’re just working on the final touches for the pitches. Who knows what’s going to happen but I’ll definitely have time to think about it (after the fight). I look forward to being an ambassador for our sport. Who knows what the opportunities will be but I look forward to seizing them.”

Before retiring, Faber will face British fighter, Brad Pickett, in his final fight. Faber texted Pickett before the fight, expressing the pleasure it would be to fight him in his final act.