BC opts out of bowl game to spend Christmas at home
By admin - July 31, 2020

Boston College was luckily able to escape most of the coronavirus outbreak and roster shuffling that has really turned things upside down, so they’re proposing a  bowl so players can spend Christmas with their families. Here are the highlights:

  • BC is the first school to forego the postseason because of the pandemic.
  • Athletic director Pat Kraft recognizes the sacrifices the young men have made since June. They haven’t had a chance to even hug their loved ones for months.
  • CoVid-19 issues have been rampant from Big 12 games getting canceled to football seasons ending early.
  • BC was able to navigate the pandemic in a way that led to just one positive test throughout the season.
  • In fact, Coach Jeff Hafley from BC said, “What we did with COVID was bigger in my opinion than any game we could have won.”
  • It’s a weird time because it’s either be with your family for the holidays or stay away and still be unsure of playing the bowl.
  • It would be unfair to for the players stay on an empty campus for nothing.
  • Coach Mike Krzyzewski said they’re thinking of the well-being of their students.