UFC 261 Gives Some Normalcy Back to the Sports World
By admin - April 26, 2021

The night really came alive from the packed house, the loud crowd, celebrities, and the gruesome combat. UFC 261 felt like a bit of normalcy from the past year with a crazy event that left fans in shock and awe. Here are the highlights: 

  • UFC President Dana White said that you couldn’t have a better night. He said from the fights to the crowd, “there’s just a different energy you get when people are here.”
  • Kamaru Usman knocked out Jorge Masvidal with a right punch to the jaw early in the second round. This was the 18th straight bout that he won to retain his welterweight belt.
  • Usman spoke on the fight saying “you’re welcome” in regards to Jacksonville, FL wanted a brutal fight.
  • In one of the first two fights of the main card, Chris Weidman did damage to his right leg by snapping after kicking Uriah Hall in the opening of the bout. Kicking with the shin is quite dangerous as Weidman found out. 
  • What made matters worse is he tried to step back on his right leg and plummeted to the canvas in shock and pain. 
  • While being carried out by medical personnel, Hall tried to keep his composure. It was certainly a shocking moment. 
  • Hall gave Weidman great praise for being a tremendous fighter and it’s a “sucky’ thing that this is a “hurt business.”
  • White said it’s time to get back to normal after the UFC hasn’t hosted fans in the US for over a year. He simply said, “It just felt good to be here.”