UEFA Still in Talks About Allowing Foreign Fans for Euro 2020 Final
By admin - June 20, 2021

With the coronavirus still running rampant in England, things have been a bit bleak for foreign fans to watch UEFA live in London. However, UEFA is in talks with the British government for allowing fans to fly to London to watch some of the games in the latter stages. Here are the highlights:

  • There’s a contingency plan in place to bring the semifinals and finals to Budapest if an agreement can’t be made regarding exempting fans from quarantine. 
  • The Euro 2020 semifinals and finals are scheduled for the Wembley Stadium from July 6-11.
  • Due to the rise in coronavirus cases, the plan to lift restrictions in England this month is now postponed to July 19. 
  • However, UEFA did secure a 50% rise in attendance for one round of 16 games, the semifinals, and the finals at Wembley.
  • European soccer’s governing body was elated that the rise in capacity will happen for the knockout round matches.
  • Right now they’re in discussion with the local authorities to let fans watch their teams but have a strict testing and bubble concept in place to help mitigate the risks. 
  • They understand the pressures the government faces. While they do have a contingency plan as a backup solution, they’re confident the final week of games will be in London.