UEFA Rolls Out Euro 2020 Rules for Teams Hit by Virus
By admin - May 4, 2021

In a time where sports are plagued by Covid, they have to work around it in special cases where this disrupts the team. The sports world has learned how to keep alternative players on standby to make sure games still go on in a timely fashion. Here are the highlights:

  • Teams hit by Covid cases or mandatory quarantine at the European championships have 48 hours between their games to get new players to fill their spots. 
  • UEFA posted the extra rules to include 26 players instead of 23 to help teams cope with unforeseen issues that may arise during the pandemic.
  • Euro 2020 is scheduled to play 51 games in 31 days (with a few extra days just in case of any hiccups). All matches will be on schedule as long as each team has 13 players, which must include one goalkeeper.
  • Any team with fewer than 13 players can have their game rescheduled and played at a different venue.
  • If a team is responsible for not playing a game, they must forfeit with a 3-0 loss and the national federation faces disciplinary action from the UEFA (similar to the rules in club competitions and Nations League). 
  • Ukraine and Norway each faced their own issues with Covid when they forfeited their games. Public officials put Ukraine’s squad in quarantine. Norway was stopped from traveling to Romania. 
  • Euro 2020 is set for 24 teams in 11 cities across Europe. Crowd capacity will be at 25%.