U.S. Men's Soccer Team Misses Olympics Again
By admin - March 30, 2021

It’s a bit of tragedy that the U.S. Men’s Soccer team is missing their third consecutive Olympics. It’s been the longest drought in 50 years. Here are the highlights:

  • Honduras beat U.S. 2-1 for a chance to go to Tokyo to compete in an Olympic-qualifying tournament
  • U.S. Coach Jason Kreis said that they were devastated after the loss
  • The reason why they made it to the Olympics in 2008 was because of Freddy Adu (18 years old at the time) scoring a clutch goal
  • Not to mention, they also failed to qualify for the World Cup 2018
  • This phenomenon for missing 3 consecutive Olympics last happened in the games for 1960, 1964, and 1968
  • Some say the way the U.S. teams were split had an impact because the ‘A’ team was playing in Mexico and the lesser team was playing against Honduras to actually qualify for the Olympics
  • Fox soccer commentator Holden knows exactly what they’re feeling. He said the Olympics is that other opportunity to play on a global scale.