U of Maryland subpoenaed by FBI in corruption investigation
By admin - 2019-02-11 02:12:27

The FBI has subpoenaed records from the University of Maryland related to a former player, assistant coach Orlando “Bino” Ranson, and one-time recruit Silvio De Sousa in its probe of corruption in college basketball recruiting.

According to the Washington Post, Maryland released copies of two separate subpoenas Friday, along with a statement contending the university had already sent back all relevant records, and found no evidence of any violations of NCAA rules or federal laws by any Maryland coaches, employees or players.

“On March 15, 2018 and June 29, 2018, the University received grand jury subpoenas for documents related to the ongoing federal investigation of college basketball,” The statement read. “The University complied with the subpoenas by providing responsive records. None of the responsive records shows evidence of any violations of applicable laws or NCAA bylaws by University coaches, staff or players. The University has cooperated and will continue to cooperate fully with the ongoing federal investigation.”

The statement goes on to detail the nature of the subpoenas and several of the people named in the investigation. The first subpoena requests any information related to contact between Maryland employees and Christian Dawkins, who is reportedly one of the main targets of the “investigation into pay-for-play arrangements between several college basketball programs and agents, shoe companies and grassroots athletic organizations.”

The second subpoena, meanwhile, is seeking documents and communications “regarding the recruitment, eligibility and/or amateur status of prospective student-athlete Silvio De Sousa,” a five-star recruit who played for Kansas last season after being heavily recruited by Maryland.

The NCAA has reportedly not been involved in the FBI inquiry, according to the report.