Tyreek Hill's Time With Kansas Chiefs
By Alexandra Wade - February 14, 2023

Tyreek Hill has received the fourth-most targets in the NFL since Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes joined in 2018. Nevertheless, Hill yearned for more despite his extensive use in the Chiefs offense. Although he had a good time with the Chiefs, Hill disclosed in an interview with Shannon Sharpe that he had begun to have second thoughts about staying with the team towards the season’s halfway point. The great wide receiver complained that he didn’t get as many opportunities to participate in the offense as he would have wanted, alleging that he only received two targets in certain games.

Hill has been exclusively complimentary of his group and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa since moving to South Beach, and Hill even asserted that Tua was superior to Mahomes in some situations. The six-time Pro Bowler will never criticize the team he is presently playing for, especially while they are actively pursuing the playoffs. Hill never expressed the same opinion about Mahomes, although Mahomes was recognized as one of the league’s top quarterbacks over the final four years of Hill’s career in Kansas City.

Getty images/Tribune News Service/Kansas City Star/Contributor

When Mahomes was the quarterback in Kansas City, Hill only had 14 games with five or fewer targets. In 2019, six of them occurred. Fair enough, Hill took part in just seven snaps in one of those contests, so let’s say five of his 13 lowest-participation contests took place in 2019. 2021 saw five more. Where was this obsession with goals in 2019? According to Hill’s interview, it wasn’t until the middle of last season that he felt frustrated with his target share. Hill had the same number of games in 2021 and 2019 with five or fewer targets, so why is it an issue now? I fail to grasp it.

Hill only has one of these games in 2022, but it is absurd to claim that Kansas City didn’t use him enough. The Chiefs were a very talented team that frequently played with a lead, so the passing game became much less popular as games continued. Hill was also the seventh-most targeted player in the NFL last year, placing him above players like A.J. Brown this year.