Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green go at it again off the court
By admin - 2019-01-09 01:16:42

Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson and Warriors perennial pot stirrer Draymond Green nearly came to blows multiple times during the NBA Finals. Their mutual disdain for each other resurfaced at a post-ESPYs party hosted by LeBron James in June.

According to The Athletic, Thompson attacked Green out of nowhere, without so much as an altercation first.

“It was a sucker punch,” said one source who attended the party. “But, to be honest, it wasn’t really a punch. It was more like a shove.”

Another source described it as a face mush . Other reports have described it as a legit punch, or even a quick one-two.

In any case, Green was livid, according to the sources, and a scrum ensued which was broken up by James and Kevin Durant.

The history between Green and Thompson is the opposite of sportsmanlike. They’ve seen each other in the Finals in each of the past four years and to say that things got a little chippy between the two in the heat of battle is putting it mildly. In Game 1 of this year’s matchup, they got in each other’s faces in overtime. Thompson was ejected from the game and Green yelled something that triggered a shoving match which ended with Green’s face meeting Thompson’s hand.

The tension reportedly carried over to the customary hugs and handshakes at the end of the series when Green refused to acknowledge Thompson except to say, “I don’t f**k with you” to Thompson’s face as he walked off the court. All’s well that ends well, though. After their latest tussle at LeBron’s party was broken up, the two reportedly went their separate ways and continued partying.

With LeBron now in L.A, there’s not likely to be a fifth-consecutive finals matchup between the two but we can certainly look forward to some regular season meetings.