Top League Players of the Season
By Laura Lee - April 22, 2023

The first part of the 2022–23 Premier League season has ended. If we could look back, few people would have guessed that Newcastle would be among the top four, and even less would have thought that Arsenal would be ahead of Manchester City in the standings. These two Premier League agencies of upheaval are where half of the players on this list are represented. The Newcastle supporters fell head over heels for the Brazilian Guimaraes in a matter of minutes, and their feelings were quickly returned. When Bruno first joined Newcastle in January, it appeared like he was too talented for them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Or at least the discrepancy has drastically shrunk, not because of the midfielder’s poor form but because he’s been bringing the squad to standard.

Getty images/Arsenal FC/Stuart MacFarlane / Contributor

We won’t say that Odegaard is a fantastic captain because it’s difficult to judge from such a calm on-field appearance, but his teammates all appear to appreciate and respect him. He is a very effective creator, which could sound like a sly compliment but is meant to imply that you can count on him to provide openings. He is an astute thinker and an Arteta devotee, and one can see him exhibit his understanding of tactical blueprint and treating the players on the field like small pieces of code in a software program.

You heard it here: this is arguably the greatest midfielder in the Premier League’s history. It is not his genius, which many have demonstrated, but rather his persistent brilliance. With either foot, Kevin De Bruyne can shoot and score from anywhere. His pace and acceleration, on and off the ball, speak volumes. His crazy vision and passing, though, are what truly stand out. In contrast, Erling Haaland’s statistics speak for themselves, which can demoralize the opposition. Where is the ‘Je ne sais quoi’? He probably doesn’t care if his entry into the Premier League has resulted in any footballing hegemony, and that is good enough. He enjoys winning and scoring goals, and he’ll continue to do both frequently at Manchester City.