Top Basketball Movies
By Laura Lee - February 6, 2023

Basketball has a significant influence that extends to popular culture and movie adaptations. A selection of the best basketball movies is provided below. Since it is so realistic, it feels more like a documentary watching the cult favorite from the 1990s, “He Got Game.” In this film, the father of the star basketball player for his high school plays while serving time in prison. The boy’s father is granted one week to persuade his son to enroll at the state governor’s alma college in exchange for a reduced prison term. The conversation between relatives and how basketball pulls them together is depicted in this movie in the purest form. It’s a fun truth that the directors had nothing to do with this; it was simply a competitive game between the performers.

Getty images/ DigitalVision/Trevor Williams

Hoosiers is a basketball team that epitomizes the underdog narrative and demonstrates how teamwork and perseverance can change the course of events. Given how the underdog’s struggles and triumphs are shown in the movie, Hoosiers inspires viewers with hope and excitement. In this film, a squad in disrepair competes against a classic team that is significantly more talented than it is at the beginning to reach the championship game. The 1954 Milan High School basketball team’s state championship-winning season is a loose inspiration for this movie’s plot. Basketball enthusiasts watch this film to see how perseverance in a discipline you love can pay off and become worthwhile.

Wesley Snipe and Woody Harrelson play a basketball-playing hustler duo in the movie White Men Can’t Jump. Throughout the comedy, the main characters engage in some humorous pranks that are noted for their lightheartedness. There are a lot of basketball games in this movie; the main protagonists hustle for money by playing several pick-up games that happen throughout the story. The main punchline of the film is that Woody Harrelson’s persona is stereotyped as a lousy basketball player due to the color of his skin. However, those opposed to the two are ignorant that Harrelson’s character was a former collegiate basketball player, which he uses to his advantage to develop a side hustle against unwitting opponents. The fantastic and fascinating basketball plays and techniques shown in this film will keep spectators engaged and happy throughout the entire movie.