Tom Brady Helps Gronkowski Get $1 Million Bonus Check
By Andrew Parker - January 13, 2022

Rob Gronkowski ensured he has a pretty huge paycheck coming his way after managing to fulfill his $1 million incentive contract, in no small part thanks to his quarterback Tom Brady. The $1 million play went down during Saturday’s game against the Carolina Panthers.

At the start of Saturday’s game Gronkowski was short of seven catches in order to ensure he gets his $500,000 bonus as well as 85 receiving yards to nab another bonus for the same amount.  But the Gronk made it his goal to win both bonuses, securing the remaining receiving yardage early on in the second half of the game with a 42-yard reception.  However, the required catches were lacking, at the end of the game, Gronkowski still needed one more to get his $500,000 bonus.

The Buccaneers had a good lead of 34 to 17 just before the end of the game and it looked like head coach Ariens was going to pull the starters off the field soon. That’s when Gronkowski turned to his quarterback, Tom Brady, to make sure he hit his goal.

GettyImages/Mark Brown/Getty Images Entertainment

“Let’s go, I need one more,” Gronk was heard sating to Brady on the sidelines. The exchange could be seen in a clip released by NFL films. “One more catch?” Brady asked. “Yeah”, replied Gronkowski. The deal was then sealed there with a sideline fist bump.

Gronk could be heard joking with another Buccaneer staff member, “If I don’t get the seventh catch, I have to go get a real job.”

But Brady came through on his promise, throwing to the Gronk for one final completion before he was called off the field.

During the broadcast of the game, CBS managed to capture a moment of minor disagreement on the sideline as it seemed Brady was arguing to stay on the field to ensure his teammate hit his incentive.