Tim Tebow enjoying Mets Instructional League
By admin - 2016-09-20 01:15:10

Tim Tebow has reportedly forsaken football to focus on baseball full time.

Tim Tebow spoke to reporters after his first day participating in the New York Mets Instructional League about his commitment to the Mets. NFL teams such as the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns are in the midst of quarterback crises and could use the strong arm of the 29 year old Heisman Trophy winner. According to Tebow, he is not interested in being considered for any of the quarterback vacancies in the NFL at the moment.

“I have to play baseball now — that’s what I would tell them,” said Tebow when asked what he would reply if NFL teams came calling. “I’m part of the Mets family now.”

Tebow signed a minor league deal with the Mets. He began the three week Instructional League on Monday and will participate for the full three week section at Tradition Field.

“I get to go in the locker room, get a workout, take a shower, hang out with my teammates and show up tomorrow and go train again,” said Tebow. “A lot of people might say, ‘You have a chip on your shoulder.’ Well, I guess I have a little chip. But it’s not really the naysayers. I want to prove the Mets organization and the coaches here right, and try to be the best baseball player and person that I can. I’m doing it to pursue what’s in my heart and live out a dream and live life to the fullest.”