Tiger Woods admits perfect health has passed him
By admin - 2017-02-09 16:12:21

Tiger Woods revealed that he will likely never be fully healthy again.

“I feel good, not great. I don’t think I will ever feel great because it’s three back surgeries, four knee operations,” said Woods during an interview with former R & A chief executive Peter Dawson for Vision Magazine. The interview was shot at the Burj Al Arab hotel. “I’m always going to be a little bit sore. As long as I can function, I’m fine with that.”

The legendary and iconic golfer who has won 14 major championships had to pull out of an event in Dubai earlier this month due to back spasms. Woods, 41 years of age, began his professional career in 1996 and has cited injuries and poor health as a major reason for his inability to return to his dominance of the sport. Before the Dubai Desert Classic, Woods took 17 months away from competition in order to recover from multiple major back surgeries.

“It was a tough, tough road,” said Woods during a CNN interview in reference to the surgeries as well as his long layoff. “There was a lot of dark times where I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t move, the pain was too great. Anyone who’s ever had nerve pain in their back, they certainly understand what that feels like. I honestly didn’t know this time last year, I didn’t know if I’d ever play golf again. Just because of the fact that it’s nerve pain.”