Morikawa, Reed bid to become America’s first European No 1
By admin - August 8, 2020

While Collin Morikawa hasn’t hit a golf shot in Europe this year, he could still take the top spot there for the 2020 season. Here are the highlights:

  • How interesting would it be to see an American taking victory at time when there’s co-operation on both sides of the Atlantic in what would be on a European Tour?
  • With all the things happening, Morikawa said “winning the Race to Dubai would mean a lot because I want my game to travel.”
  • He’s going for world player status and his ambition from winning the PGA Championship in just his second appearance in August shows.
  • Even though he would normally need to play in four events to be eligible to get the European No.1, it was waived due to the pandemic.
  • He’s currently in third place in the Race to Dubai standing from points accumulated in World Golf Championships and the majors.
  • He appreciates the journey but he doesn’t want to “just play in the U.S. my entire life.”
  • He’s confident in his ability to play on a global scale and test his skills against international competition.
  • Reed is another American that’s setting his bar high. He knows the ones that rank these PGA tours and play all over shows you have to excel in the bigger events. By putting yourself in a position to play this international scale, will help you evolve your game on a higher level.