Dick Allen, fearsome hitter and 7-time All-Star, dies at 78
By admin - August 10, 2020

Dick Allen hitting power was so fierce that Philly fans would just show up to his batting practice to see him hit over the Coca-Cola sign. Here are the highlights:

  • Even with that attention, he still had to wait longer to really get his real respect.
  • Allen, a seven-time All-Star slugger died at 78. He lost precious field time and had a hard time off the field circumventing racial injustice in his time with the Phillies.
  • Unfortunately, The 1964 NL Rookie of Year and 1972 AL MVP had a lengthy illness.
  • The Phillies will remember him for skills as well as courage in battling injustice.
  • It was overdue but they finally retired his No. 15 jersey in September.
  • He had quite the impact on the community and was able to get his honor months before passing on.
  • Middleton said, “I am grateful he was able to participate in the ceremony and experience the outpouring of affection and respect we have for him.”