A Lim Kim wins US Women’s Open debut with record-tying rally
By admin - December 20, 2020

As Lim Kim looked on the Bermuda grass of south Texas, it was the calm before the storm. She was able to take her first U.S. Women’s Open. Here are the highlights:

  • What didn’t change was her tenacity. Even when trailing behind, she put the fire on by attacking flags.
  • Kim was able to birdie her final three holes and able to tie the record for the largest comeback in a U.S. Women’s Open.
  • Kim still couldn’t believe she was the champion.  That’s her reply taking a champagne shower while being in 40-degree weather after her win.
  • Kim’s had a finish so strong that she made it very difficult for anyone to catch up.
  • Even with her mask on, you should still feel her excitement and the fist pump in the air.
  • She was paying attention to the leaderboard, and used that to stay aggressive in the tournament.
  • Even with her position so far back, she was able to slowly but steadily claw her way to the top.