The Top Achievers In The Women's Olympics
By Alexandra Wade - February 22, 2022

The Olympics is something everyone looks forward to. By everyone, we mean the entire world. With this event only happening every 4 years, athletes from all over the world train hard to even be picked. Now everyone knows how hard it is to be a woman in the sporting industry. With that said there are a few women who proved why they are the best of the best by winning gold at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. 

Everyone knows that the Olympics is the one time when the strongest athletes get recognized. But everyone has their eyes on the woman. It’s safe to say that there are women showing the world that they really do belong. Now you should know that there are women that have achieved more than one gold medal in their field. There are even some women who have broken records. 

First on our list is Emma McKeon.The Australian swimmer won an amazing 7 medals while competing in the Tokyo Olympics. But wait that’s not even the shocking part. Emma won four gold medals while competing. She took home gold for the 4 X 100-metre freestyle relay, 100-meter freestyle, 50-meter freestyle, and the 4 X 100-meter medley relay. Not only did she win a few gold medals but she also set a few world records while doing it.

GettyImages/Xinhua News Agency/Xinhua News Agency

Next, we have to talk about Lisa Carrington. Lisa is considered to be New Zealand’s most successful Olympian and it’s easy to see why. While competing at the Tokyo Olympics, Lisa walked away with a total of 5 gold medals and 1 bronze medal. Lisa won gold in K‑1 200 meters event, K‑2 500 meters event, and a gold medal for the K‑1 500 meters event. It is clear to see why she is considered to be one of New Zealand’s shining stars.