The Points System in Races
By Rachel Jones - June 16, 2023

In contrast to other sports, NASCAR has a unique scoring system; its point system depends on the car’s finish position in the race and competitiveness. Each race allows up to 40 teams to compete. Only 36 units, though, are assured a spot in the race. For each driver to compete in each race as effectively as possible, each team comprises the individual driver, who has complete control of the vehicle, and an entire team that assists in supporting the driver during the race. At most, there are usually just two drivers per team, while some groups have many people driving for them or in their unique vehicles.

Since there are only 40 spaces available, the first team to cross the finish line will score 40 points for finishing first overall. The team that finishes in second place will receive 35 points; after that, each unit that ends below them will receive one point less consistently. Accordingly, the third-place team will receive 34 points, the fourth-place team with 33 points, and so on up to the 36th team. Teams finishing in positions 36th through 40th will each receive one point.

Teams can receive points during the race based on how well they drive at the end of the various race stages, while the majority of points are won based on a team’s finishing position. The first-place team in each stage will get an additional 10 points, according to the unique point system used for the stage finish. The second-place squad will then receive nine points after that. Each of the top 10 teams will then receive one point less than the team ahead of them. These additional race-round points are only available to teams finishing in the “Top 10” standings.

Accordingly, third place will receive eight points, fourth place seven points, and so on until the tenth-place team gets the lowest bonus of one point. Furthermore, winning each lap awards points to race car teams or drivers. Each team continuously strives to complete each lap and the whole race in the shortest duration while placing first at the end of each lap and race is their primary objective. Every action they take may gain more points for the entire track season as these races are predicated on the difference of actual milliseconds.