The Pacers cannot decide who to blame for 0-2 hole
By admin - 2019-02-15 05:55:50

After losing Game Two to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Indiana Pacers scrambled to point out the problem.

Pacers coach, Nate McMillan, claimed that the blame belonged to the defensive effort of his team. He thought that they could have done a better job of guarding Cavs forward, Kevin Love, who scored 27 points on six for seven shooting from the field.

“I think we put Paul on Kyrie [Irving], and Lance went to Love,” said McMillan. “They do a great job of recognizing matchups and taking advantage of it. I thought that was huge. Defensively, we just didn’t play that right. The reason for it was just trying to get control of Kyrie by putting [a] bigger defender on him. We had to try to deny entry to anyone who was in the post, but we really did a bad job of allowing Love to catch it. We didn’t work to deny or front that post shot.”

Pacers star, Paul George, looked to bench spark, Lance Stephenson, to keep the energy on the team positive.

“He’s got to learn to control himself and be in the moment,” said George of Stephenson. “Lance, in our locker room, is looked upon as a leader. His body language has to improve — just for the team. We all know that Lance is an emotional guy. A lot of it is his heart and his competitiveness. That emotion comes out of him. He’s got to channel that toward making effort plays on the court and doing whatever he needs for us to succeed.”