The Next NFL MVP
By Alexandra Wade - March 22, 2023

At the midway mark of the 2022 season, Patrick Mahomes could be the frontrunner to capture NFL MVP honors, but he will have plenty of opposition. Ironically, the talented quarterback’s former Kansas City Chiefs partner is one of the biggest challenges to his campaign. Although high-profile quarterbacks typically win the MVP award, Tyreek Hill’s impressive start with the Miami Dolphins may persuade voters to cast their ballots differently. In addition to these two, there are several additional strong competitors.

Getty images/AFP/ TIMOTHY A. CLARY/Contributor

The emergence of Jalen Hurts as a true star has been proclaimed. Having a solid offensive line and superior weaponry is undoubtedly beneficial. But make no mistake: Throughout the first half of the season, Hurts was among the league’s top players in a league stacked with outstanding ones. Hurts has reduced the number of interceptions he throws while raising his interception rate, yards per attempt, and completion percentage. Oh, and in his second full year as a starter, he has accumulated 326 yards and six TDS while rushing. The Eagles are well-positioned to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 57 because of his leadership, and he has cemented his place as a candidate for MVP.

Josh Allen, who was predicted to be the MVP frontrunner, has recently decreased his chances of winning. If he can persevere through this elbow injury, don’t rule him out of running. Even though he had two weeks of below-average play, the Buffalo Bills star is still close to the top of the rankings in most areas of the field. The gifted athlete has also proved dangerous when holding the ball. With almost 400 yards, Allen appears ready to top his 763-yard career high set last season. Thanks to his dual-threat skill set, he should be able to put up significant numbers towards the end against a group of opponents that all sit in the bottom quarter.