MLB plays hardball and deals blow to baseball heartland
By admin - August 8, 2020

Unfortunately, the pandemic has led to Minor league baseball keeping off the field for more than a year. Here are the highlights:

  • It’s going to feel a bit less full when it finally gets back to business.
  • That type of notion isn’t good for the sport as a whole because it needs to be in that throwing stage.
  • Major League Baseball being the big guy it is forced its will and development has come to a halt by eliminating 43 franchises, which is a quarter of the minor league system.
  • Different teams were given an invite while other teams were completely left behind.
  • The Tri-City ValleyCats, learned their fate even when they came in third highest-attendance for the 14-team league.
  • Some presidents and owners are completely shocked their team didn’t make the cut. Rick Murphy, president and part-owner of the Troy, said “It’s disappointing and surprising at the same time.”
  • Murphy said that the metropolitan area plus nearby Albany and Schenectady showed that it’s a marketable team that can cater to “more than 1.1 million residents.”
  • Some people have no clue where they’ll go because they don’t know when they’ll play.
  • Additionally, some of these stadiums have caused debt for the city because they’ll be sitting vacant.
  • At the end of the day, it all comes down to entertaining the fans.It’ll be difficult to navigate these waters going forward.