The Most Famous Hockey Brands
By Claire Miles - July 8, 2022

Hockey is an ancient sport that has gone on for a long time. What was once a nine-on-nine team sport with a wooden puck that needed to be scored in a net and little to no player protection gear. When it was transferred onto the ice, the game changed from being a version of the related stickball game known as hurling to being ice hurling. Eventually, the game’s more official “ice hockey” moniker persisted. Many businesses provide equipment and safety gear specifically for hockey because it is an exciting and intense winter activity. This list gathers top manufacturers for hockey players of all skill levels.

Getty images/National Hockey League/ Dave Reginek/ Contributor

One of the biggest producers of hockey gear is Bauer. The company was established in 1927, and Nike is the owner. Equipment for ice and roller hockey is available for purchase straight from the company’s website or via stores all around the world. Bauer endorses some of the top stars in hockey, like Patrick Kane and Jack Eichel, and collaborates with the NHL to promote their business. Performance Sports Group Ltd. is the parent company of Bauer, Mission, and Easton hockey brands. Overall, Bauer is still one of the most well-known hockey companies in the world and continues to rule the market.

NHL players frequently utilize the well-known hockey brand TRUE. In addition to producing baseball, golf, and lacrosse equipment, TRUE has only lately entered the hockey market. Due to their relative youth in the business, they only have a few well-known sponsors, but these players include Mitch Marner, Connor Hellebuyck, and Ryan Johansen. The hockey equipment company Brian’s produces some of the most well-liked goalkeeper gear on the market. Goalies of all ages and abilities choose their equipment because of its distinctive designs and dependability, with their products able to be customized in various ways.