The Legendary Khabib
By Rebecca Rodriguez - July 22, 2022

Khabib was born in 1988 and is a native of the autonomous republic of Dagestan in the North Caucasus, which is currently a part of the Russian Federation and was formerly a part of the Soviet Union. As a result, he is a Russian citizen. Russian, English, Turkish, Arabic, and Avar, one of the native Caucasian languages of Dagestan, are among the languages he speaks. In addition to his wife, Khabib has three children: a daughter and two sons. They were both born in 2013. He is also related to another UFC fighter named Abubakar Nurmagomedov, a former Sambo champion who fights in the welterweight division.

Getty images/UFC/Jeff Bottari/Contributor

Although Nurmagomedov received early training in wrestling and judo, his primary fighting style is Fight Sambo, a Russian martial art that has its roots in the Soviet Union. At eight, he started working with his father as a coach. At the age of nine, he was coached to wrestle a bear. Khabib’s current “ground-and-pound” strategy is designed to put a lot of pressure on his opponents by aggressive takedowns and tying up their legs and arms to prevent escape before launching a barrage of powerful strikes from this advantageous position.

Before his tremendously successful tenure in the UFC, Khabib participated in professional Fight Sambo. He won two world championships while competing for Russia, one in Kyiv in 2009 and another in Moscow in 2010. Before joining the Final Preventing Championship in 2011, he amassed a 16-Zero record on the Russian and Ukrainian fighting circuits. There are several unbeaten competitors in the UFC, but Khabib Nurmagomedov may be the most remarkable, with a string of 29 remarkable and unbroken victories. Eight victories were knockout, eleven via submission, and ten via decisions. He is now the top-ranked light-weight fighter and is currently ranked number two in the UFC’s male pound-for-pound rankings (light heavyweight champion Jon Jones currently holds the top place). Nurmagomedov is the first Muslim to hold a UFC championship belt and is a devout Sunni Muslim.