The Best NHL Teams History
By Marc Gordon - June 8, 2023

The Montreal Canadiens hold the NHL’s most significant records. When the NHL got established in 1909, the Canadiens were one of the original clubs. The club has had more on-ice success than any other in the more than 100 years since then. For starters, they now hold the record with a staggering 23 Stanley Cup victories. That is almost twice as much as the next closest squad. Between 1955 and 1960, they also won five championships, an incredible feat. The 1915–16 NHL season saw the Canadiens win their first championship, and they have continued to have ongoing success in the league ever since.

Getty Images/ National Hockey League/ Vitor Munhoz

With 13 Stanley Cup victories, the 1917-founded Toronto Maple Leafs are second only to the Canadiens. They achieved two wins during the first five Stanley Cup competitions, in the 1917–18 and 1921–22 seasons, respectively. The Maple Leafs enjoyed significant success in their early years since they won all 13 of their Stanley Cups until their final triumph in 1967. According to estimates, the NHL’s most expensive franchise is the Maple Leafs, which are estimated to be worth $1.3 billion. The Canadiens are their biggest rivals, and when they face each other, their respective towns frequently sell out the games.

The Oilers have a history of enduring success on the ice while being one of the younger teams in the league. With Wayne Gretzky as their best player, the Oilers rapidly succeeded after entering the NHL in 1979. Gretzky, who is regarded as one of the greatest players in hockey history, played with the Oilers for almost his entire career. The Oilers have five Stanley Cups victories to their name, including back-to-back championships from 1983 to 1985 and once more from 1986 to 1988. Additionally, they have twice taken home the Presidents’ Trophy, awarded to the NHL club with the most points. The league has presented the award since 1986.

The Detroit Red Wings are a hockey team with a long history and a lot of success. Created in 1926, they have 11 Stanley Cup victories, which places them third all-time in wins. However, they are in the second position with 24 appearances in the finals. In the 1990s, when they won the Stanley Cup in 1995, 1997, and 1998, they had one of their most acceptable performance periods. Because of the “Russian Five,” a group of Russian players who became some of the league’s most potent players.