Texas Tech football players arrested outside of nightclub
By admin - 2018-03-26 13:48:45

Four members of the Texas Tech football team, all of whom were expected to be key players this coming season, were arrested on multiple criminal charges outside of a Lubbock, Texas nightclub early Sunday.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, police were responding to a call of disturbance with a possible armed suspect in the area when they were confronted with a large group of people who were blocking traffic. Officers observed one of the individuals smashing the windshield of one of the vehicles. When police attempted to arrest the man, according to the report, the crowd became aggressive. Ten people were subsequently arrested, including the four Texas Tech players.

Quarterback Jett Duffey, cornerback Desmon Smith, wide receiver Quan Shorts and linebacker Christian Malik-Shakur Taylor were all charged in the incident. Duffey, who was reportedly the favorite to start at QB this season, was charged with criminal mischief for allegedly damaging property. Shorts and Smith, who both started last season, face disorderly conduct charges, and Taylor is facing a charge of criminal mischief. Taylor allegedly smashed the windshield of the car.

This latest incident could be especially damaging for Duffey. The sophomore was suspended last season after twice being accused of having sex with a woman who may have been too inebriated to consent to the act. A Lubbock County grand jury concluded there was not enough evidence to bring him up on criminal charges.