Tebow Signs With Jags and Reunites With Meyer
By admin - May 24, 2021

After some time in the minor league, Tim Tebow is back to playing tight-end, and this time he’s playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here are the highlights: 

  • Jacksonville is looking to get back to some glory due to the following three former college football stars: Urban Meyer, Trevor Lawrence, and Tim Tebow. 
  • Tebow, the 2007 Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback, is here to regain his stride and revive his pro career.
  • After five years of not playing in the NFL, the 33-year-old Tebow returns and reunites with his college coach, Meyer, for the first time since his senior year in college in 2009.
  • Tebow recognizes the challenge he has in front of him but is looking forward to it. Not to mention, he’s dedicated to taking the direction of the coaching staff and getting input from teammates.
  • Not only is the comeback unprecedented due to him being out for 5 years, but also because of his age and how he’s taking a new position. It’ll be interesting to see the new energy with the revamped team.
  • After retiring from baseball in February, Tebow has been in go mode for football. Even Meyer said he was impressed with how in shape Tebow is especially in approaching the new position.
  • Some people have shown some opposition by saying that he’s preferential treatment after not playing for such a long time. DaQuan Jones from the Carolina Panthers said that personal relationships seem to have more weight than athletic ability.
  • Meyer said whether it’s Tim Tebow or Travis Etienne, his goal is to help the Jacksonville Jaguars win games.