TCU coach slams new transfer rule
By admin - 2018-11-22 02:42:08

TCU head coach Garry Patterson isn’t a fan of the NCAA’s new transfer rule.

It was generally a common practice for football coaches, particularly those from Power 5 conferences, to do everything  in their power to prevent athletes from transferring to another school to play. Alabama’s Nick Saban, for instance, was known for making it nearly impossible for one of his players to transfer without first sitting out a year.

In a recent interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Patterson revealed that he was also a staunch proponent of the rule, calling the NCAA’s decision last week to prevent schools from blocking players from leaving “stupid.”

“Here’s what’s going to happen—players from other teams are going to start recruiting people and you can’t stop them from going wherever they’re going to go,” Patterson said. “Then it’s like what we’ve been trying to stop for a long time—it’s going to become the highest bidder. The people who are going to get hurt most by this is the non-Power Five schools.”

According to the new rule, beginning in October athletes will no longer be required to ask permission from a coach to transfer to another school. Students can now inform their current school to enter their name into a national database within two days. Once the student is in the database, coaches are free to contact them.

Patterson suggested that schools will now be allowed to essentially steal players from other schools.

“Schools right now, they’ve got a list of who all grad transfers are,” Patterson continued. “Now, they’ll look at film and see who all the best players are [not just grad transfers] and then somebody is going to reach out and find them.”