Suns keep Russell Westbrook from triple double record
By admin - 2017-04-08 22:39:34

The Phoenix Suns did everything to keep Russell Westbrook from breaking the NBA single season triple double record against them.

Westbrook is averaging a triple double on the season, a feat that has not been accomplished since Oscar Robertson did so. Now, Westbrook is tied with Robertson with 41 triple doubles on the season. Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder played a faltering Phoenix Suns team that was determined not to let him break the record against them.

“Fourth quarter, we had such a big lead and the only thing he needed was assists, so the whole game plan changed,” said Suns forward,¬†Jared Dudley. “He was still in the game down 20, 25, and you could see he was being real passive, so we just stayed home; and if he was going to do a drop-off, we were going to foul and make them earn it. If he was going to earn it, it was going to be somewhere else. I hope he gets it, just not here, not versus us. We’ve dealt with enough problems this year, so to have another history against us and have to watch it 20 years from now, I’m glad it’s not us.”

Westbrook ended the game two assists shy of a triple double, but several of the Suns fans wanted to see Westbrook break the record. They booed when Thunder players did not shoot after receiving passes from Westbrook. Suns players such as Devin Booker expressed their displeasure at the fans desire to see the record broken on their home court.