Big Ten audible: Ohio State will play for title vs Wildcats
By admin - July 27, 2020

With The Big Ten Conference dropping its six-game minimum requirement for the championship game, Ohio State has a chance to secure the top spot. Here are the highlights:

  • The Buckeyes are going after their fifth straight conference title when they face the Wildcats on Dec. 19 in Indianapolis.
  • This rule change had to be approved by the Big Ten Conference Administrators Council.
  • Unfortunately due to Michigan’s CoVid situation, they had to find a competitive analysis that showed Ohio State would have advanced to the Big Ten championship game because of their record and win against the Hoosiers.
  • With pandemic issues happening, the conference determined before the season that teams would have to play six of their eight scheduled games to qualify for the championship game.
  • Ohio State Coach Ryan Day appreciated that other conference schools voted for the revision.
  • It wasn’t an easy decision to make and lots of changes happened to get this opportunity for the players to play in Indianapolis as an undefeated East Division champion.
  • Even with Ohio State in the No.4 spot, it helps them get to that title position with all of the data in their favor for a better guarantee.
  • The Hoosiers were looking to complete their best season at 6-1, but of course the six-game rule changed.
  • Unfortunately, they fell short against Ohio State.