Star Forward Breanna Stewart Won't Play
By Claire Miles - June 6, 2022

Many fans get excited when talking about what they expect from their favorite players in the coming games but Breanna Stewart fans might be greatly disappointed as it was announced that she would not be playing. It was announced that going forward Stewart would not be taking part in games. This comes after many players test positive for Covid. It was announced that she would not be taking part in upcoming games due to health and safety protocols. Many fans, while unhappy about this outcome, find that this is the best choice as no one wants any of the players in the league to be put at risk. 

Stewart however does not seem to be too happy about this blaming commercial flying for catching Covid and went on to speak out on the travel policy of the WNBA. This has sparked a discussion around the policy of having players fly commercial instead of private and how this may lead to players catching Covid. However, this is not what you want to read about. Stewart will be returning to the court once she no longer tests positive. As for right now, she will have to sit out a few games. 

GettyImages/Mark Ralston/AFP

This is not the worst thing in the world but her team will be missing a key player which could have some negative repercussions. They do have strong standing and seem to be ready to face the challenges ahead of them even without Stewart on the court. This may be a good thing for her to have a break and come back ready to face the season ahead. This may not be what fans would have wanted to see but the break will be over before too many games go ahead without her. We might get to see other players shine while she is out.