Sports Have A New TV Formula
By admin - March 3, 2021

In a world where people are so captivated in the first 30 seconds, they normally aren’t going to dedicate an hour of their time watching something. They want to get straight to the point. TV is still a powerful media source, but that’s typically for the middle-aged audience and older. Here are the highlights: 

  • TV showings have been on a decline for a while, but sports still hold a big place in the hearts of many.
  • Younger fans aren’t watching games live but rather looking at the playback in different formats.
  • Video highlights interest the young fans because it’s something they can watch on their own schedule. 
  • The key here is knowing the content rights and how it’ll help with multiple revenue streams
  • The trade-off is viewership. A lot of people aren’t willing to pay for what they can see on TV. 
  • Brands are getting a bit smarter by aligning themselves with FAST (free-ad supported streaming TV) channels. 
  • The change now is more of a clip-based content stream where you can look at the rivalries, plays, and other stats of specific games. 
  • The next few years will be crucial for how people engage with professional sports.