Seattle Mariners general manager faces calls to resign
By admin - February 24, 2021

Seattle Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto and manager Scott Servais are doing damage control with players who were directly mentioned or referenced by former team CEO Kevin Mather in an online video that led to his resignation. Here are the highlights:

  • “We are very open with our players and urge them to be the same. And if they want to be angry, they should be, frankly. They should be insulted,” Dipoto said Tuesday. “But at the same time, they are collectively driven toward what we’re trying to do here as a team.”
  • A video posted over the weekend showed Mather expressing his views of the club’s organizational strateg, as well as making controversial remarks about players during a recent online event.
  • The video included shots at a former All-Star from Japan and a top prospect from the Dominican Republic for their English skills. He also admitted the team may be manipulating service time for some of its young players.
  • Mather apologized Sunday and then abruptly resigned the next day.
  • “I’m embarrassed that this is the way we’re viewed because for those of you who’ve been around me or Scott or this team, this is not how we’re wired,” Dipoto said. “It’s embarrassing to be categorized or deal with the stigma that we are now pinned with, and we have to shed it. It’s ours to bear and we now have to be accountable to that, and then find a way to grow beyond it.”
  • Seattle pitcher Marco Gonzales said Tuesday that many players are upset about the comments, as well as are annoyed by the distraction.
  • “Sometimes a common goal can unite you, but sometimes a common enemy can do the same, if not greater,” Gonzales said. “So I think that’s the boat we’re in right now.”