San Jose Sharks' Marleau Tops Howe's NHL Games Record
By admin - April 20, 2021

This is a major feat for left-wing/center Patrick Marleau who’s played 24 straight seasons of hockey in the NHL. The previous record was from the late great Gordie Howe who played 1,767 games. Here are the highlights: 

  • Howe aka “Mr. Hockey’ gained a reputation for being the most complete player of all time and he set a record back in 1980 for 1,767. However, this 41-year record was beaten once Marleau stood on the ice against the Vegas Golden Knights.
  • Even Golden Knights fans gave Marleau a welcoming roar when he stepped on ice during warm-ups just because of his record-breaking game appearance. 
  • It was quite an event and honor for Marleau because his wife, Christina, and four sons attended the game. He said that without his wife he wouldn’t be here. He thanked her and his sons for their support.
  • Golden Knights coach was grateful to have a front-row seat to see Marleau. He was proud of him as a friend and a past coach to him for two-plus seasons in San Jose.
  • This is the type of accomplishment he’s proud of not just because he coached him but the way Marleau was able to grow and meet this feat. He’ll be able to tell his grandkids about this and being there for the welcome.
  • Rivals praised him for his durability being a solid player for more than 2 decades. Marc-Andre Fleury said he’s been so consistent for his staying power and playing the game at a time where it was more brutal and adapting to the now more uptempo style.
  • It’s a humbling experience for Marleau. His coach Bob Boughner said that this current record set by Marleau may not be broken because he doesn’t see anyone lasting this long.