Smith, Washington in 1st after Thanksgiving win over Cowboys
By admin - 2018-04-09 12:03:23

Alex Smith has stepped things up to help Washington get the No.1 spot in the NFC East. Here are the highlights:

  • Smith and his team don’t concern themselves with their division. They’re just focused on playing the best they can.
  • They pulled out the Thanksgiving victory with Gibson running for three touchdowns. Smith threw a scoring pass, which came in handy in the fourth quarter to ensure they had the win.
  • Smith has won his second straight victory in a comeback that wasn’t on anyone’s radar.
  • Smith was a bit modest and grateful of the turn out. He never thought something like this could happen in his wildest dreams.
  • They’ve not only built up momentum but were able to defeat their long-time rival the Dallas Cowboys on the Thanksgiving holidays.
  • Gibson said while they’re record isn’t the best, they still have a chance to get they playoff spot. The fact that they’re still in the running gives them faith they can take it to the next level.