Russell Wilson May Be Traded?
By admin - February 12, 2021

As far as his future with the Seahawks, it’s truly up in the air. One thing is for sure, he’s not fully impressed with his offense trying to move the ball in games. Not to mention, he’s still taking hard hits from the defensive side not performing like they should. Truth be told, he got sacked 47 times in 2020. Here are the highlights:

  • In a video call via Curtis Crabtree of PFT and Sports Radio KJR, he says “I’m frustrated at getting hit too much.”
  • Each player has an unstated value on their heads. They can get a gauge with one phone call offering the right amount of money to see whether they’re worth their weight in gold (like fine art).
  • The Raiders may be able to make that power player when it comes to trading. I mean, look at what Jon Gruder’s done with the new stadium. Davis has a certain knack for things, and this includes finding the draft capital to acquire a high-calibur quarterback such as Russell Wilson. 
  • Wilson and Gruden have a certain mutual respect for each other. Gruden is the antithesis of Pete Carroll as he’s more of an offensive-minded head coach. 
  • It’s safe to say that Wilson is frustrated. While they’ve spent a ton of money on their offensive line, the affordable deal in place still gives them some wiggle room to get some free agents on that side of the fence.
  • However, the defensive line is simply deplorable. They need to really get it together and beef things up.
  • Derek Carr would be a good trade off in case Wilson does want to go to the Las Vegas Raiders. Not to mention, his wife Ciara could get a nice residency as an entertainer. That’s looking to the future of things.